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AIO Flight Controller with integrated Video transmitter, OSD and Blackbox SIRIN + pigtail+ (free pdb 5v.bec)

$160.00 $145.00

  •   High speed SPI bus powered onboard 
      components for ultra low loop-times:

         – MicroSD blackbox
         vTX (software based)
         – Gyro (8 kHz refresh rate)
         –  latest F3 processor
  •  6x motor out
  •  3x fully accessible serial ports (independent from USB)
  •   ultra slim drone builds
  •   faster build times with less wires
  •   easy setup and configuration via Betaflight
  •   less components, less weight+space —> higher durability
  • come with 1x sma angle pigtail ready to solder on the vtx board (bonus) form Miniquadsquad
Supported Firmware BETAFLIGHT
CPU: STM32F303
Mounting Holes: 30x30mm

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Product Description

This flight control board is changing the game, with its true all in one profile, and a great development team to back it all up.   The SirinFPV is a powerful F3 flight control board with a built in On Screen Display paired with a 25/200mw switchable video transmitter.  Plus a BlackBox SD Card reader all on one 36x36mm PCB!  The IMU, OSD & Blackbox logger all communicate over SPI giving you the fastest read & write speeds, plus freeing up all the UARTs.


-STMF303CC CPU w/256K flash
-MPU6500 IMU
-MAX7456 OSD
-25/200mw switchable 40ch VTx module
-MicroSD data logging
-USB over VCP, not shared with UART

This flight controller requires a 5V voltage regulator.  Because of the vTX & OSD we recommend a 1A minimum.

We recommend the 1A 5V Pololu, or 5volt bec form pdb an external bec 5v

(in promotion, we provide a free simple pdb, with 5volt bec and 12volt bec, to feed your sirin)

SMA Antenna Pigtails angle 90′ female and naked end ready to solder on the vtx comes with your sirin. MQS is providing it as a bonus!

This flight controller requires BetaFlight 3.0 & Betaflight configurator to take full advantage of the OSD & VTX

Additional Information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 5 cm


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